About Us

Thank you for your interest in using Fletcher & Company for your valuation needs. We are becoming the most preferred real estate appraisal firm by lenders and other users of appraisals throughout the southeast due to our exceptional customer service, high quality reports, ethical and professional attitude, and unbelievable turn around times. As a leading real estate appraisal firm, you can expect nothing less than a professional certified appraiser that has been extensively trained and has a vast amount of experience to perform your appraisal assignment.

Fletcher & Company has appraised a large variety of properties spanning the full spectrum of industries throughout the southeast. This has earned us the qualifications to meet or exceed the requirements of our industries most significant institutions, including local, state, and federal governments, the Internal Revenue Service, national lending institutions, and courts of law around the southeast.

Our experience in a wide variety of real estate types provides a credibility that establishes us as foremost in our field. We strive to provide the highest quality possible by utilizing sophisticated technology with personal expertise and experience. Our approach based upon open communication, dedication, and expertise, allows us to provide quality professional service in all valuation concerns. Regardless of the size or nature of the property, our services are performed with our client's needs first and foremost.

Fletcher & Company has been providing real estate appraisal service since 1971. Over the past few years, Fletcher & Company has expanded its services from Georgia to throughout the southeast due to the demand for the exceptional service we provide. If you've ordered appraisal services before, you've probably experienced inconsistent quality, report delays, and a lack of communication about your needs. You can't make the decisions you need to that way. That's where Fletcher & Company leaves our competition behind.

Ken Fletcher and Jason Fletcher are the owners and chief appraisers of the company and has had years of experience and has been exposed to majority of real estate types. They have had numerous hours of education for appraisal of real property and both hold a Certified General Real Property Appraisal license.

Fletcher & Company is not in the same category of most appraisal firms. We are a full service real estate appraisal firm consisting of highly trained and experienced certified appraisers providing quality appraisals for all real estate types such as commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, single-family residential, all vacant land types and proposed development, complex and/or special purpose properties. Our clients are banks, individuals, local, state, and federal government authorities, mortgage companies, developers, investors, attorneys, accountants, insurance companies, and relocation services. Our appraisals are used for purchases, refinance, property settlement, tax and estate purposes, litigation purposes, PMI removal, condemnation/right of way, and REO foreclosures.


People are much more than names and faces at Fletcher & Company. We are individuals who form a team of professionals dedicated to excellence and forming business relationships. A thorough understanding of appraisal dynamics provides our foundation for developing competent appraisal decisions and opinions of value. We believe in uncompromising integrity in conducting our practice. Integrity is reflected in our individualized, professional approach to each engagement. Our firm will not undertake any engagement which we believe we cannot complete with the utmost professional competence.

Experience the difference, call Fletcher & Company today and give us the chance to prove our firm is the right choice for your valuation needs.