Fees for Our Services

Narrative Report Fee Schedule

Our appraisal reports for all property types except single-family and small income (2-4 units) multi-family properties are detailed and comprehensive reports, prepared in a narrative format.

Solutions for each appraisal problem can vary and therefore appraisal fees vary. Fees are dependent upon what type of report is required, property type, and what approaches are applicable. Below, is a range of fees for our narrative reports for typical improved commercial real estate property types that we service.  The range is dependent upon what approaches are applicable to the property and the complexity. Our fees are competitive with other firms, however, if we have done a similar appraisal, we can do yours for less. Volume clients get lower fees.

Improved Property

Restricted Report - $1000 - $2000
Summary Report – $2000 - $3,500
Self-Contained Report - $3,500 - $5,500

*Note – A restricted report cannot typically be used in a lending situation and is typically used as a starting point in developing an opinion of value when the value of the property is a concern. This type of report can later be amended and transferred into a summary or self-contained format. For more information and discussion pertaining to report types, please call our main office or check our contact page.

Unimproved (Vacant) Property (residential, commercial, industrial)

Restricted Report - $1000 - $1,500
Summary Report - $1,500-$2,500
Self-Contained Report - $2,500-$5,000

Residential Report Fee Schedule

1004 Single Family Residential Appraisal - $350
Rent Schedule & Operating Income Statement (single family rental) – additional $175 
2055 interior/exterior - $275
2055 exterior only - $225
Condominium - $350
Multi-Family 2-4 units (small income form ) - $500-$1,500

Atypical Properties (must contact for quote)

-Elaborate high end homes
-Homes on large tracts

*Please call or visit our website for a quote on any project that would be considered special purpose or complex since more time and research will be necessary. Also, must call for quote on any project that is in litigation and court testimony will be required.