"We have been doing business with Fletcher and Company since the bank opened its doors. They provide a solid product and always find a way to meet some tight deadlines. In both the banking and appraisal industries, a primary separator for business is the way service is provided. Ken, Jason, Nathan and all the other people who make up Fletcher and Company are in tune with this key factor. Our motto is "Better Bankers, Better Service". You could say Fletcher and Company has adopted our motto and applied it to Appraisers.

They are better Appraisers who provide better service."

Tony Straub
Vice President, Credit Standards Manager
Banking Client

"I have done business with Fletcher & Co. for over 20 years, and have always found their work to be done in a professional and timely manner."

Jack Bowdoin
Executive Vice President
Banking Client

"When you work with a company like Fletcher and Company, it is easy to refer them to others."

Dee Glazer

"Fletcher & Company is the easiest company to work with. They are very communicative through their process, thorough in their work, yet quick in their turn around with the highest degree of integrity."

Kelli Ingram
Vice President, Credit Administration
Banking Client

"I have been doing business with Fletcher & Company for the past four years. Outstanding relationship, easy to do business with, flexible, very knowledgeable, and they do deals very quickly."

Jim Ward
Senior Vice President
Banking Client

"Since I started working for our bank two years ago, I have had the opportunity to use Fletcher & Company for numerous appraisals on development loans and other commercial projects. I have found their work to be excellent. Appraisals have been delivered in a timely manner and their fees are very competitive, but the most important aspect of their work is that you can be confident in the quality of the appraisal."

Scott McCarter
Vice President, Commercial Lending
Banking Client

"I have spent 35 years in banking with 25 as a Commercial Lender and President. During that time, I have dealt with many appraisal services and appraisers. Most of those dealings have been positive and some negative but they have collectively taught me what is important to my customers and to my bank. Specifically, a commercial appraiser should be responsive to the needs of the institution relative to timeliness, knowledgeable about their market and the types of property they are appraising, reasonably priced and prepared to support their assumptions and estimates with facts and logic.

After having dealt with Fletcher and Company for over five years at two different financial institutions, I can say without a doubt that they meet all of the requirements that a banker finds important. In addition they perform their tasks with a high code of ethics and professionalism that make them a pleasure to deal with. I have found their work to be superior and have felt comfortable in my fiduciary responsibility of guarding my shareholders interest and working in the best interest of my bank.

In short, I have had a great relationship with the staff at Fletcher and Company and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

Jerry R. Richards

Thanks so very much Mr. Fletcher for this copy of the appraisal. I have been very impressed with your agency’s customer services and timely responses on all matter related to our appraisal. I will sure refer your agency name to any other company looking for a commercial appraisal. Again thanks for all your superior customer services and timely responses.

Covington O'Dell