Why Use Fletcher & Company?

Discover the difference with Fletcher & Company.  There are seven areas that distinguish Fletcher & Company as your commercial real estate appraisal firm of choice from the rest. By perfecting these areas we have moved past the competition and have become one of the most preferred appraisal firms in the southeast.

Exceptional Customer Service & Communication

We at Fletcher & Company believe that exceptional customer service is the foundation for a long term business relationship. Customer service seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur in our industry. After years of listening to and surveying our customers, the biggest complaint we hear from customers after using other appraisal services is that “I call the appraiser to order and I send the engagement letter and do not hear back for 3-4 weeks until the report is done and/or a week or two goes by before the inspection is scheduled, making me have to call numerous times”. 

We listened and moved ahead of our competition by utilizing the latest technology to ease the ordering and quote process and coupled with our exceptional customer service, you can expect nothing less than impressive results.  From the first day you will be assigned a customer  service representative, who’s job is to make sure the appraisal process for your project is running smooth, progressing on time, and to make sure you are satisfied with our service. Too often the client is the last to know about a problem, and by then it's often too late. The number one job of our customer service rep is to take action when problems arise and to notify you. Most of the time, you'll never even know because our customer service team handles it. That's what customer service is all about.

When was the last time you received a callback or email from an appraiser or customer service rep after the appraisal was done to thank you for the business, to check if everything went as promised, and ask if you liked the quality of the report and the service? Expect that with us! Expect good communication with Fletcher & Company, all calls are returned within a few hours and email even faster.

Fast Turn Around Times

Fletcher & Company maintains one of the fastest turnaround times in the southeast.  Our exceptional turn around times paired with our dedication to no broken promises is just one of the reasons Fletcher & Company is rapidly becoming  one of the most preferred appraisal firms in the southeast.

Unlike other large firms, we're not a management company. We don't broker appraisals to others and mark them up. We're not a franchise either. What we are is an appraisal company with a business model that surpasses the competition.

Real Estate Appraisals - On Time, Every Time!

Fletcher & Company knows it's hard to accept that you've found an appraisal firm that delivers. Even if it's a short turnaround in a market where our competition is quoting four to six weeks for delivery, we'll still make your deadline in most cases in 10-15 business days or less for most commercial projects and 5-10 business days or less for most residential projects. Unlike our competition, we have an extensive research process by utilizing staff that can help our appraisers perform appraisals in the time you need, not the time we want. By using a team approach, you get multiple personnel working to meet your needs. Even during busy times, expect us to beat our competitors for turnaround time.  If the appraisal problem turns out to be more complex, we call to advise you immediately, rather than missing a deadline.

Need it fast? It might cost a little more in overtime, but we're willing to help. We offer a rush service for commercial and residential projects with turn around times of 5-10 business days or less for typical commercial and 24-72 hours for typical residential projects.

Top Quality Appraisers

Each appraiser is trained by our Chief Appraisers and owners of the company Ken and Jason Fletcher, so expect nothing less than an expert to evaluate the property and the market. The end result will speak for itself.  The quality of the appraisal report is directly dependent upon the commercial real estate appraiser. Unlike other large firms, we do not subcontract our work to just any appraiser and taking the risk of compromising the quality of our reputable reports. Our Senior appraisers have had years of experience and been exposed to majority of real estate types. All of our appraisers are staff appraisers employed by Fletcher & Company that are handpicked by the firms owners and dedicated to the exceptional service we promise.  We do not subcontract our work to other firms and hope we can make them conform to our exceptional way of business for your project, which usually results in miscommunication and broken promises.  

All of our assignments are performed by State Certified appraisers. In areas where we don't hold a State Certified General appraisal license, we obtain Temporary Practice appraisal licenses, which permit us to appraise a property and be subject to the state's specific appraisal laws.  However, majority of our appraisers possess a permanent license in most southeastern states to include Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Highest Level of Technology

Our staff uses our website's technology to its fullest. Our large custom database of information, advanced appraisal tools, demographic analysis packages, and extensive custom programming allow us to do an appraisal faster and better than our competitors.

We've created a management process unlike any in the industry. Using custom programming and Visual Basic, we've integrated the sales, management and appraisal processes. Our website gives you a status report 24-hours a day updated multiple times daily.

Turnkey Ordering Process

The advances in technology has enabled us to communicate with the customer without the customer having to chase down the appraiser, waiting on calls to be returned and wondering where the appraisal is. Once the order is received by our company, the customer is notified immediately that we have received the request and will contact you or your customer within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.  Once the appointment is scheduled, you will be sent a confirmation via email of when and what time. Once the inspection takes place, a notification will be sent again and explaining the status of the report.  From this point forward, the customer will be notified via email every 1-3 days with status updates of the report until completed.  Also, our website allows you to log in and check the status or make any changes to your appraisal request. Lenders and other users of our services have found that they rarely have to call us wondering where the report is due to our systematic turnkey ordering process. 

Want to download your appraisals from our website? Want real-time status updates? Report delivery in Adobe PDF minutes after the job is done? These are only a few of the customer services our technology can offer you. High-tech is high-quality.

High Quality Reports Produced by Unparalleled Experience

Each report is reviewed by the owners of the firm and other senior appraisers on staff. All appraisals are round-tabled to gain the benefit of each senior appraiser's knowledge and experience. Strong market research results in good reports. A Certified General senior appraiser of Fletcher & Company completes and/or reviews every report for accuracy and clarity.

Even though an appraisal is as good as the appraiser who wrote it, our reports reflect the body of knowledge of our office.

Every report is reviewed by multiple appraisers. You get the benefit of everyone's experience and individual viewpoint. This level of round-table review guarantees that all our appraisals are of the highest quality. 

Every appraisal performed by the firm conforms to the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP). It's a requirement of certification within the industry and every report is written and/or reviewed by a Certified General Appraiser. Every report is signed by at least one Certified General Appraiser. Lastly, state licensure requires adherence to USPAP. Expect nothing less with Fletcher & Company.

Consistent quality is a problem in the appraisal industry. Our reports were crafted by Ken Fletcher, co-owner and chief appraiser with almost 40 years experience, so expect a level of analysis customized to the property. The key factors in the market and the strengths and weaknesses of the properties are always brought to light. We know that the decision isn't always what the property is worth, but how well it will perform in the long run. Our reports answer these questions so you can have the full range of information necessary to make the correct decision.